[Event] – Helloween Party

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Dragon Lord universe has been invaded by the spirits of Halloween! Mysterious and vile Headless Horseman, Sailor, a vicious captain of the Flying Dutchman and Olderic, an ancient lord of the dead.

All brave souls to challenge the evil trio will receive a reward! And those to defeat the spirits will be able to loot their belongings and enter the ranks of the fiercest warriors.

Duration: 10/28 – 11/3
🎃 Helloween Party 🎃
✭ Players can obtain rewards by challenging the Boss. Defeat it for even more rewards.
✭ Purchasing Saint Power will give the players an attack bonus. Use Saint Blessing to receive a small bonus.
✭  There is a Today’s Ranking and Cross-server Ranking of the event. If a player is in the ranking, all players from the same ranking will receive rewards at the end of the event.Where can players get tickets for the event?
They can be obtained at the Rewards event.

🎃 Halloween Card🎃

✭  Cards are collectable. Players can redeem rewards by collecting Cards. There are two kinds of Cards, basic and advanced.✭  Cards can be obtained at events like Candy Party.
✭ Players can exchange cards with each other.

🎃  Candy Party 🎃 ✭  A NPC will give Candy everyday.✭ The top 10 players who find the candy first will receive more rewards.
✭ Players can receive up to 3 Candy per day.

Happy Halloween and good luck!

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