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New server – «S2: Florin»


Demons reopened the gateway to the World of People on the new «S2: Florin» server!

It is time to train soldiers and call in their ranks brave mercenaries.

Ahead of you are waiting for glorious battles in many dungeons, raids into enemy lands, battles with bosses along with associates and much more.

Do not let the armies of darkness enslave people and take the Divine Kingdom!

January 6th event – «Carnival»

Great warriors!

From 6 to 12 January «Carnival» event is waiting for you in game!

Complete new tasks every day, earn points and collect rewards!

By participating in the event you can receive:

  • Heroic soul,
  • Improved Summoning Scroll,
  • Awakening Stone,
  • Astral Points,
  • Promote Stone,
  • Diamonds
  • and much more.

You also have a unique opportunity to collect a powerful artifact Zeus’ Jewel R!

Read more about the event and rewards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

Happy New Year!

Friends, Happy New Year!

We wish you warmth and love in the heart as well as the happiness and welfare in the house. Stay young at heart and never lose faithful friends!

In addition to the holiday spirit, we want to surprise you in the form of a gift that awaits you in-game mail!

Maintenance 01.2020

Dear friends!
Tomorrow, at 11:00 PM will be maintenance.

We anticipate downtime to be a 1 hour.

During maintenance two events will be added – New Year Lucky Wheel and New Year’s Festival

See you soon in game!

The Epic Journey Begins!

Join the new incredible journey in our new free online-game Eternal Fury!

This strategic turn-based RPG combines SLG and classic interactions. Incredible adventures, hundreds of locations, exciting battles with monsters.

Hel opened the gates of the underworld and sent demon armies to capture all the worlds once created by the Titans. Expand your territories, fight in many battles, join a guild and restore your lost memories. Become the leader of a team of the most powerful heroes to lead your kingdom and defeat Hel and her evil army!