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[Event] – Exchange Easter Egg

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Greeting Heroes,

May Easter Day Brings Lot of Happiness And joy in your life, May you live long life And Easter Day comes in your life a hundred times, Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

Celebrate Easter with Dragon Lord!

Duration: 4/17 – 4/23
Don’t forget to pick Easter Eggs.During the event, meet the requirements to claim rewards

Mount – Reborn Rabbit

Fashion – Divine Battleplate

Weapon – Divine Sword

Wings – Silver Shard

Wings – Dark Blue Shard

20 shards can be synthesized into a Wing/Mount Shard.

Rewards takes place on servers that are more than 30 days from oppening.

Have a good hunting!


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New server «S25: Emerald Wings»

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Good news, everyone!

New server «S25: Emerald Wings» is already open!

Start your journey on a new server right now! There you could use all your game experience and will be able to participate in opening events, compete for a place in the rankings and get excellent rewards!

Taking part in Carnaval to get valuable prizes.
Click and get to know more. 

A new server «S25: Emerald Wings» is waiting for you!

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Merge Server 4/03

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From 02:00-05:30, April 03d

Servers  will be down for approximately about 3  hours to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter.
Please watch this thread for any updates or changes. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes to the merge.

Servers to be merged are:
Server S4-S19

In order to avoid the loss of any character information, please refrain from making any new characters on these servers until after the merge has been completed.
To help with potential name conflicts, we will be removing unused characters.

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[Update] – V2.10 Part 3 – Mount Equitation

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New features added in today’s update.

Requirement: Lv. 69
1. Added Mount Speed. It’s different from Movement Speed. Added Mount Mood. It affects Mount Speed. Mood and Speed are shared between all Mounts.
3. Mount Feeding Material can upgrade Mount Equitation Level, change Mount Mood and improve Mount Stats. Upgrade Equitation to the required level to activate and upgrade corresponding Mount Skill.

4. Spend Barbecue to interact with your Mounts to change their mood. There are free chances to interact with your mounts everyday. Class EXP and Class Equipment
Required Items: Feeding Material and Barbecue

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