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New server «S39: Lava Ape»

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Good news, everyone!

New server «S39: Lava Ape» is already open!

Start your journey on a new server right now! There you could use all your game experience and will be able to participate in opening events, compete for a place in the rankings and get excellent rewards!

Taking part in Carnaval to get valuable prizes.
Click and get to know more. 

A new server «S39: Lava Ape» is waiting for you!

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[Update] – Mystical Tome

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  1. Unlocked Divine – Mystical Tome.
  2. Unlocked Magic Trial Dungeon.
  3. New Gold Goblin (Item: Basic Gold Goblin, Medium Gold Goblin, Advanced Gold Goblin, Superb Gold Goblin)

  1. Carnival Optimization: New server Goal and New server ranking
  2. New fashion:

✓ Rock guitar, rock heart, rock badge

✓ Winter sword, winter cloak, winter badge

  1. Add mounts:
    ✓ Speed Duck

✓  Demon  Cat

✓ Scarlet Ox

✓ Mr. Sparrow

✓ Divine Crane

  1. Add a new wing:

Gilding wings
Azure wingsGorgeous wings

  1. Fix the sacred – evil eye debuff in the friendly unit BUG -FIXED

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[Update] – Supreme Shrine

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Today a new feature has become available in Dragon Lord – Supreme Shrine

You can get Deicide Tokens from 4 Cross-server Features and use them to challange 8 Sacred Altars.

  • War of Gods (Rank top 3  to get tokens)
  • Love Arena (Rank top 3 )
  • Everlsting  (Rank top 3 )
  • Infinite War (Rank top 2)

Spend Deicide Tokens to challenge the Sacred Alters and get rewards.

A new mount has been added to the game – Divine Pegasus

New wings has been added to the game – Frost Wings

We wish you a good game!

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[Event] – Merge Ceremony 6/13

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Servers to be merged are: S16-S28
[Event] –  Merge Ceremony available on merged servers.Duration: 6/13-6/16
During the event meet the requirement to get the rewards.

Use Light of Hope to exchange for valuable items

You have the opportunity to get:

Hero – Vera

Mount – Lava Dragon

Mount – Frost Fiend

Mount – Holy Deer

You can take advantage of the discount packs

Enter the game every day and get rewards

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Merger Announcement June, 13

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Greetings, Heroes!

Tomorrow, June, 13, 2019 from 2:30 to 4:30  AM (server time) servers will be shutted down for server merger , lasting for 120 minutes. Please leave the game in advance before maintenance time to avoid unnecessary loss.

Server Merger: S-16-S-28

Approximately time of works – 2 hours.

We will additionally announced when the works finished.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and support.


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[Event] – Discount shop (06/11/2019)

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Good news, Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that today was launched an exciting event “Discount shop”, in which you can get a lot of valuable awards and consumables with a big discount!
Rules of the event.
When you recharge game ambers (for every 500 ambers), you will get a Coupon to refresh prices in Discount shop.
The event will last until June 12
Coupons can be used only in this event. After that, coupons expire.

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